Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Train your entire all works together!!

When I decided that I was going to start to train again for races I wondered how I was going to do it all. I really didn't want to give up any of my weight training day's in order to run.

I had lots of people what's going to give??...I gave it some thought and I decided...NOTHING!...I want to be able to do both....Run and Weight Train.

Craig taught me that the entire body works together...and when one part is weak it effects the strong parts.

Starting out with my running I immediately noticed that I was so much stronger than last year...Craig had given me the well rounded body that I needed to preform at my peak.

After my first longer run I sent Craig a THANK YOU!!...I was still standing upright at the end of a 10k...that may sound silly but I had always ended my runs looking like an 80yr old woman...hunched over. My cardio was stellar but my back and core were weak!!

I've been training my core, upper body and back for months and it's helped me so much with my back is so much stronger than it was last season, allowing me to stand up tall, and keep my form. My arms allow me to push up hills and through winds that would have caused me to stop last year....and my strong core keeps everything in line.

What I have experienced first hand is that you really do need to train your entire body in order for it to work its best!!...Runners don't need to just worry about times and distance...but we need to think about the parts of our body that allow us to achieve great distance and fast all works together!

Strong Back = Strong Runs

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