Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hitting little goals makes you closer to your larger goals!!

I woke up this morning to the most flattering facebook inbox ever! inspired me to get back on the blog train. I'm not a natural blogger so I avoid doing this like the plague. When I get feedback and messages that my blogs actually effect people, it motivates me to get on thank you to that special someone for my awesome morning message :)

The message this morning was from a friend that was finding it hard to get out of bed and do her work out before work. She said I popped into her head and she got up and went. That put a HUGE smile on my face!!...I was so honoured and a little sheepish about being someones morning motivation.

I've blogged before about Anchors...My black pinkies that keep me on track...they remind me that I have hit goals, and I need to keep moving my A$$ to hit new goals.

I love setting little goals for myself and I encourage you to do the same! It's hard to conquer large goals and stay focused on them... constantly thinking, man I need to loose 50lbs!...or how will I ever run 30km. Instead of looking at the big picture focus on little goals....that will aid you in hitting your main large goal. :)

For example, Pick an up coming event in your life. Like a Christmas party, Wedding, Family vacation, Girls night. It doesn't have to be an enormous event...just something to tie a small goal to and to help keep you focused and moving towards your BIG goal!

We all have events at this time of year. I also believe in the "Earn it before you eat it rule". Setting goals before events will help you to feel amazing at the event, and allow you to indulge a little more at the event as well.

In order to help you hit small goals I suggest another type of Anchor. I see so many body building athletes do this and it can and should be used by everyone!!

My black pinkies help me every day to remind me of where I have come from and what my main goals are. If you have a short term goal I encourage you to try this. Put the days left until your goal is due on your hand in marker. It will remind you that you only have that many days to hit your goal. This is a constant reminder that you have promised yourself something and a small goal will be hit.

So for example, if there is 10 days until your work Christmas party, start by putting a 10 on your hand today...tomorrow it's a 9...etc. This will help keep you focused on the current goal, and aid you in hitting all your goals!

I hope to see lots of #'s on peoples hands...and lots of people rocking out little goals!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

4 week off Training?...EEEK!

Another Challenge...

I've spoken before about the good the bad and the ugly of weight loss to many people. The good is the obvious, the bad is you often go through an "ugly ducking" stage before things get better. The ugly is the stuff you can't out train, or out's the loose skin. I was very very lucky that I held my weight fairly evenly, I had huge boobs, and I had a huge "Thass"...I call my Thass the area on the side of your thigh that can't decide what it wants to it just hangs off the side...not a Thigh...not an Ass....thus it is a "Thass". I can train off my thass and fill the loose skin that it leaves behind...but unfortunately I can't build enough chest muscles to fill out my boobs.

I recently made the decision to have some plastic surgery done, I wanted to fix my ugly. I like curves, when was bigger I had curves...I now felt very pear shaped and I wasn't a super fan. I felt less feminine, and I enjoy being a girly girl!!
This decision forced me to take four weeks off from the anything!..Yes, I did almost go crazy!

The thought of being off for 4 weeks scared the crap out of me. I was really concerned about how I was going to manage. I worried about my recovery, my health, my weight. I really stressed about starting again, how weak would I be?? much muscle would I loose in 4 weeks?...My brain was spinning!!

I decided to tackle this like I would any other challenge or obstacle.... PLAN...I stand by this of my most favourite!
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

I knew my battle would be with my diet. I always enjoy a pretty clean diet, but I knew going from active to recovery mode required a few tweaks in my diet. I had a big cook off with my friend Lori and prepared with pre made healthy food. I felt good knowing I had plenty of pre cooked meals ready for me and no excuses not to eat them.

With my diet in place I had to make sure I was held accountable to start back again.  I approached Craig and asked him if he would help me with training when I was recovered. I knew he would hold me accountable and keep me from getting injured.

So that was my and accountability. Personally I had to think of this month off as a a game. I believe it's as important to train your mental strength as it is to train your physical strength.

I'm happy to report that planning worked!...I came out of my month off from training 2lbs lighter than when I went into it. I just started back at True North Barbell :)... I'm testing things out with Craig's assistance. I'm totally confident that I'll be back to where I was in little time....Yippee!!

I'm super excited to see what Craig and I can create this time around!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

8 Weeks to Vegas...Game On!!

So I'm a huge fan of setting little goals and challenging myself now and again. Sometimes it's with running, other times it's a new max with weights and this time it was about diet!!

My husband and I booked a group trip to Vegas. When we booked it was 9 weeks until we left. After the first week I thought, I could do a good 8 week diet until Vegas and see what happens!!...CHALLENGE!! I wanted to see what 8 weeks of really clean eating, discipline and training could do to my physique.

When I started I was sitting at 115lbs and about 14% body fat according to the Tanita scale at the gym. I wasn't unhappy with how I looked pre diet, again I like to set little goals for myself because it reminds me that I'm in total control of my body. After being so out of control or so many years, it's awesome to know that I run this body now!!

For me a true measure of my fitness and nutrition is my abs...I admire abs so much on women because they are really hard to get!. Abs are totally made in the kitchen, you can't eat shit and have abs!! Clean eating...loads of water ...eating many times a day, and treating your diet like a full time job is how you get abs.

In order to have a good 8 week diet I decided to just eat really clean, prep all my meals...aim for 3 solid meals per day, with 2 snacks. I also upped my protein by 60g per day in order to hold onto more muscle. I limited my carbs after lunch and kept up with my regular lifting schedule. I also drank about 5-6L of water per day. Nutrition is a full time job!!...TRUTH!!

I found the diet to be ok to manage, my biggest issue with my diet day to day is remembering to eat. With this challenge it was really important for me to not loose any of the gains I had made over the last few months.  In order to hold on to gains you need to eat more regimented. I think I managed to do that well this time.

So in the end I managed to loose 5lbs and 5% body fat in 8 weeks...Whoop Whoop!...It was awesome to get those results...I felt like a million bucks in Vegas, I earned all the crap I ate and

Setting little goals for yourself is so rewarding!!-I encourage everyone to think of little goals you can set to remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I wonder what my next Challenge will be?!?...SOOO exciting!

Abs before the diet.
After 8 week Diet.

 I felt THIS amazing in Vegas ;)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Anchors"...Little things that keep you focused!!

I thought it would be a good idea to blog about what I like to call "Anchors".

Since my last blog I have been really trying to stay out hard...and go for that summertime body ;)...I'll be honest... It's hard!

Nothing about training 5 days a week and eating clean is easy...but for me it's a lifestyle choice. I take the good with the bad. I feel good when I live this even though at times it's hard...its very worth it.

In order to keep myself on track when I was loosing the majority of my weight I often used things I called Anchors.

If I was going to a party or an event I would use Anchors. ...What's an Anchor you ask? Well its something to keep me help me resist temptation. What I often used were coloured stones or beads in my pocket. I would put one for every 10lbs I had lost into my pocket to remind me how far I had come. Also...stones in your pocket do 2 things...they are uncomfortable at times...and they kinda screw up your outfit...the same things that happen when your overweight and out of shape. ;)... So it was a good reminder for me to not have that extra drink...or that cake, or another temptation that was looking me in the face.

Currently I am painting my pinkie finger nails black. I use black because when I was getting ready for the Around the Bay Race with my Friend Leanne, she suggested that we paint out nails black and be "Hard Core"...I loved the idea!...We were totally hard core..LOL. Anytime I wanted to give up during that run I looked at my nails and thought...NO have black nail polish are Hard Core...keep going! The tradition stuck and I've had black nails for every race after that.

My black pinkie nail that everyone keeps asking me about it my's there to remind me ...I'm Focused...Bad Ass, Hard Core...I'm an After!! ..Summer time Ice Cream has nothing on me...WHY?...Because I have black nail polish on. ;)

Get creative...find an's a good way to stay focused...and a great way to share your love of fitness with everyone that asks..."Hey...what is that one black nail for?"

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hitting Goals and Finding Inspiration and Focus

I'm so excited to share this blog...I ran my first race of the season and feel AMAZING!

I Killed it...LOL...yep I'm bragging a little ;)...I set a goal of under an hour and I finished my 10k in 53mins. The last 10k I ran I finished in I was able to cut 17 minutes off my time...I was sooo happy with my results. I'm even more excited to see what I can do with my Half Marathon time in October!! goal for that is 2hrs or last time was 2:15... it's an aggressive goal but that's how I role ;)

Having my family watch me finish this race was awesome...I had my kids and my husband cheering me on at the home stretch...and I had my extended family and my at work family...and of course my beautyfit family cheering for me from's awesome to have so much support!!

Getting my Strong on before the Run :)
BOOM...Got it DONE :)

So again post race I felt awesome...I hit my goal...I proved to myself that I am still good at running and actually faster and stronger than ever. I was feeling pretty good.:) Soon after I came off my high I once again felt unfocused and unsure what to do...I know I will own that half marathon in October...but what should I do until then??...There is no need to start training for it in April...I will be burnt out!

Again I got talking to Crystal Cox...My amazing sole sister and fellow beautyfit girl...I like to think we are bombshells... ;) talking with her I found myself scanning her body...yes that sounds creepy and weird but that's what I was doing...something was very different...Crystal always looks good, and is always dedicated...but during this particular conversation I wasn't able to stop checking her out ;)...I told her she looked smoking, and I needed to know what changed. Crystal told me that with the help of Sandra she changed her diet...she was working out more...she was "dilled" in...and boy oh boy it was showing...if you have not followed Crystal in beauty fit I encourage you to take some time and learn from her...she truly is amazing.

Beautyfit is so much more that's a family, a source of support and understanding... Crystal is my sister...she once again inspired me and lead me back to where I want to be right now... right now I want to eat clean, be strong...lean...and ready for summer. I'm the closest I've ever been to having a "summer time body", and thanks to her I'm HUNGRY for it...ROAR!....she reminded me that I can do anything I want to do.

So thanks to my beautyfit family I have achieved goals...and continue to set new ones...I am one lucky girl (bombshell) ;)
Some of my Beautyfit Family...Coach Compton...Kayla...and Crystal :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Train your entire all works together!!

When I decided that I was going to start to train again for races I wondered how I was going to do it all. I really didn't want to give up any of my weight training day's in order to run.

I had lots of people what's going to give??...I gave it some thought and I decided...NOTHING!...I want to be able to do both....Run and Weight Train.

Craig taught me that the entire body works together...and when one part is weak it effects the strong parts.

Starting out with my running I immediately noticed that I was so much stronger than last year...Craig had given me the well rounded body that I needed to preform at my peak.

After my first longer run I sent Craig a THANK YOU!!...I was still standing upright at the end of a 10k...that may sound silly but I had always ended my runs looking like an 80yr old woman...hunched over. My cardio was stellar but my back and core were weak!!

I've been training my core, upper body and back for months and it's helped me so much with my back is so much stronger than it was last season, allowing me to stand up tall, and keep my form. My arms allow me to push up hills and through winds that would have caused me to stop last year....and my strong core keeps everything in line.

What I have experienced first hand is that you really do need to train your entire body in order for it to work its best!!...Runners don't need to just worry about times and distance...but we need to think about the parts of our body that allow us to achieve great distance and fast all works together!

Strong Back = Strong Runs

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Next Step...Where do I go from here???....

Where do I go from here?...What is my next step??

It wasn't even 12 hours after my photo shoot with Fab Fem and the Body by Bongelli that I had people asking me..."So what are your next goals"...I was thinkin in my head...My current goal is to eat a large hamburger...and perhaps even some french fries-lol... I was still just basking in the glow of my amazing whirlwind day, and enjoying the feeling of being finished a goal that was sooo hard to achieve!!

As the weeks went on I started to think....Man...what DO I do next?...GRR back to that feeling of workouts didn't have a real purpose anymore....The end had come. I do enjoy goals and I felt very "goalless"

In my first blog I spoke about running, and how it made me it was something I did JUST for was my time...ME against ME. I started to think about running the same half marathon that I had run before I started training with Craig...but the thoughts of failure crept into my head....what if I'm not good at running anymore?? will all this added muscle effect my running?? can I do both? and weight train?....I didn't want to give up or loose any of the gains I had made.

I posted on Facebook that I was thinkin of running again....I actually love the input from others...I like to hear from other people in fitness, other walks of life...those close to me...and those that really are just FB friends. In the end all decisions are mine...I find that I often get responses that make me think...and I value that.

I heard from two people who's opinions and advice truly matter...Sandra and Alyssa...they both said...Of course you should run!!'s where you started...and it's what you should do again!!...Running is who you are. I got goose bumps when I read there responses...and I also felt sick to my stomach at the thought of failure. Anyone that really knows me knows...I don't do Failure OR Embarrassment.

I went into work that night and Chris a trainer sent a client down to talk to me about weight loss and keeping it off...she happened to be a runner. I had goosebumps as I spoke with her...we connected and I knew she was my kick in the butt to just swallow any fears and try to kill my previous running jump back in and fall in love with the sport all over again.

She told me about an awesome 10k in Toronto....she said the metal is so juicy and beautiful...runners run for the metals and the t-shirts ;)...she had me at the thought of another beautiful metal. The Toronto 10k is my starting point for this season...April 22nd is my day to jump back in!!

My Temptation ;)
So at the end...I'm in...I've chosen to swallow my fears of failure...and hit the pavement with the same dedication I gave to my training with Craig. I feel it's the perfect challenge for me...a battle between  me and my mind...I know I have the body to run...Craig gave me loads of its all about training my mind to deal with long runs again. The battle for runners is the fight your brain has with your wants to go...the other wants to's sick that we love it...but I KNOW it makes me stronger...every time I keep going...I totally WIN ;)

Some times you just need a have to be willing to see the sign...and to have the guts to jump.

So...I'm Jumping-Gulp...GOAL is to finishing the Niagara Half Marathon in under 2hrs...BOOM!

Friday, 9 March 2012

A Perfect "Ending".....How it all came together! :) :)

In a previous Blog I mentioned that I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to look like at the "end" of my journey. I talked about spending endless hours in front of the mirror moving fat around trying to see the person I wanted to be.

When I hit my goal weight with Weight Watchers I had never been that small (140 lbs)...and I truly thought I would look fit when I hit that weigh. I had been running and expected to look like what I had envisioned in my head when I hit my goal. I had never been that size before and I was in shock at what 140lbs looked like on me...I was happy...but still didn't feel like I was at the end. I remember Sandra Compton talking about that when she finished her time with Weight Watchers.

I started to train with Craig not long after I started at World Gym... I put my faith in him that weight lifting would not make me FAT...but in fact it would make me look the way I envisioned myself would help me be that person I moved fat around trying to find!!. I told Sandra at the start of my journey...I don't want to be thin...I want to be really fit.

Months and months went by and Craig and I celebrated each victory...drop in weight...drop in body fat...pushing more and more was so exciting for me to see my body transform...I was slowly becoming the person I always wanted to be...a fit...healthy woman.

One day I sent Craig and email...I said....Hey Craig I think it's time for a new Ab routine...I keep doing so much ab work and I'm not seeing much change. I really wanted nice defined abs, to me that was fitness...His response was not the one I was hoping for!!

He said..."Well Little lady...tell me what your eating...Abs are made in the kitchen and not the Gym" I gave him my food journal... he didn't know what half the things were that I was eating...I was still counting "points" after all this time. Craig told me to stop eating weight watchers and start eating like an heart stopped!!!...Change the only thing I knew for sure!?!...Was he crazy?!!??...I took many deep breaths...asked an annoying amount of questions...Finally understood the meal plan from Craig and dove in....he had taken me this why not trust him to take me to the end...he hadn't failed me yet.

Soon after starting Craig's new "diet" I noticed changes...I started to see all the beautiful muscles that we spent endless hours creating was by far the most exciting and challenging time of my life...loosing that last 15 lbs was harder than loosing the first 80 lbs.

One night I was talking with Sandra Compton and my dear soul mate Crystal Cox (another beauty fit girl) I was telling them I still didn't see what everyone else was seeing...l still felt lost...I felt like I would never be happy, I was looking for an end that never seemed to emotions were all over the map...I'm not sure how my at home family or my at work family dealt with me for those few weeks...crying one day...happy the next.

I got an email one day that changed my life...Sandra...Crystal and Nancy Barbosa offered me a photo shoot...something called a FAB FEM...Nancy is the photographer and Crystal is the make up artist for Fab Fems, they celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. They show woman that they are beautiful, sexy, strong and powerful...I had seen Nancy and Crystals work and it was a DREAM come true to have the opportunity to work with them....and to top it off...Nancy wanted to use me for Promo Work!...The pressure was on.

I had 12 days to "cut" for this photo shoot...I wanted all my hard work to show-Cutting is an extreme diet to shred fat allowing your muscles to show. To add more pressure to the day...we were also going to take the photo for the "Body by Bongelli" promo at World Gym...Craig and I are kinda known at the Gym....Big and's funny to see us train together...I struggle to lift a weight that he can effortlessly lift with one hand...haha!...We thought we should promo the changes we made to our hopes of inspiring them to change.

The Big day came...I was sooo excited and nervous...being photographed in my bra and undies...WOW...ME...WHAT?!!?...The day was amazing...really one of the best days of my life...being pampered by Crystal, she did my make up for the shoots...I felt like a movie star...having Nancy direct me during the shoot...the lighting...the was everything I had ever dreamed about...I LOVE fashion...I LOVE modelling...and this was truly truly a DREAM come true!!

One of the best parts of the day was when I came back in the evening to do the other shoot with Craig...I went into the office and noticed this awesome picture on a large screen...I said...Oh wow that is a really nice....OH MY GOD!!...THAT IS ME!!...I was almost in tears...I didn't recognise myself!!...I honestly didn't know it was me at first...THAT was my moment!!-I FINALLY saw what others saw...I finally saw the person behind the FAT...That moment is what everyone should get to experience...Total shock at how glamorous you can any size!! was the perfect perfect ending for me...I finally felt finished and was able to smile at my accomplishments.

I will be forever thankful to Sandra Compton, she started me off, Inspired me, pushed me and helped me finish...Crystal Cox and Nancy Barbaso for that amazing day in my life...the day that left me able to smile at myself and realise just how far I had come. And of course I'm forever thankful to Craig...he pretty much picked me up off the treadmill....taught me to accept change... He was my Teacher and my Rock through the last part of my transformation.

I am very lucky and thankful for all the help from my at work family....and beyond thankful for the endless support from my at home family....I have Three amazing boys at home and I am so thankful for them!!

Here are a few shots from my amazing Fab Fem day...

Everyone should do a fun photo shoot, or get your makeup done by's truly are worth it!!

Body by Bongelli
The photo that shocked me
I love scarves ;)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Three years later...the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have been meaning to do this blog for weeks now but the thoughts and feelings were not coming to me...I've been very up and very down these days and I didn't feel I had to much to say....I felt in Limbo.

One of my very best friends Amy Greer reminded me today that it's been THREE years since I made the decision to start Weight Watcher...I was blown away...THREE years?!?...My youngest son is 3 yrs old...I have been on this roller coaster for almost as long as he has been alive!...perspective eh!!

It has been one amazing ride....full of ups...downs...disappointments...growing...doubt...worry... trying to self accept....and self praise.

The last 2 points have been the hardest for me. I have had a hard time accepting how I look, there has been lots of changes...good and bad. I seem to focus on the bad and I have a hard time taking a compliment. Craig my trainer will tell me..."WOW little lady your arms are looking amazing"... I will follow that with, "well if I could only get my legs to follow suit"...he then looks at me with his "Duh" face and says..."I wasn't talking about your legs skinny"...I really hate him sometimes!!!...How can a 22yr old kid be so smart?? He knows me too well. Unfortunately that's how I am with most people, totally unable to take a compliment.  Craig has been encouraging me to take compliments and not follow a compliment by pointing out a "flaw"'s been very hard...but he holds me accountable....and I am punished on leg day for any slip ups ;)

Self Praise has been hard...I believe in holding yourself accountable...I am held accountable by Craig, my Family and by Facebook. Today I took a BIG breath and posted a picture of my abs...I've been working very hard for MONTHS on a "Body by Bongelli"  A Promo for the Personal Training Department at World Gym...we are doing the photo's for the Gym Promo on the 10th of February. I did this today because I am trying to work on being OK with self praise...I'm trying really hard to be proud of my efforts...and to not look at my pride as gloating, or perhaps's been something I've really struggled with...the ability to have pride in my accomplishments....and most importantly to not get upset if I don't get the reaction or praise I expect from others that are close to me....I have to remind myself daily that I am doing this for ME... The Dr. Seuss saying has been very helpful to me...reminding me that those that understand matter, and those that don't....well...don't.

So I guess after 3 years I can finally say that I am starting to see the vision I had in my head of what I wanted to look like and most importantly FEEL like ...I am still working on body image, acceptance and learning to love the new me....all things in time. :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

World Gym and The Big Man Craig Bongelli...

I often get asked...How did you go from 15years in Dental to World Gym??...Well once again...Sandra Compton!

I have worked in Dentistry for 15years...I worked as a Dental Consultant and I  loved what I was doing. What I didn't love was the time away from my Children. I have always been torn between family and career... I very much enjoy working...I know that sounds silly but I have lots of idea's and thoughts all the time and being at home full time would drive me bonkers!!...I need an outlet for my idea's and energy.

I was looking on Kijiji one night and I noticed an add for customer service reps at World Gym...They are open 24hrs so I thought I would have a good choice for hours and could work in the evenings and stay home with the kids during the day...My weight loss and new love of fitness made it seem like a good choice.

Knowing Sandra trained at World Gym I emailed her and she encouraged me to apply and directed me to Nelly. My Husband and I were sceptical about me working at the Gym.  After meeting Nelly, I was excited about the idea-She was professional, gave good customer service, I was impressed... I went home and said to my husband..."I loved it!!...They weren't idiots"....ha ha ;)

I got the interview and obviously got the Job. :)

It was a real learning curve for me and I wasn't sure I would ever get the hang of all the things I had to do...being a perfectionist and an expert in my previous field of dentistry It felt very foreign to be the student and not the teacher.

I finally managed to get a hold of the front desk role....I very much love working the desk. I love the vibe, the members and the staff.  Nelly encourages me to bring any skills I have from my consulting years to the table. Wes is always receptive to my never ending idea's, questions, thoughts and ramblings. I truly enjoy my job at World Gym...It was a great move for me.

Craig Bongelli (pulling a city garbage truck)

Along Came Craig....Again I often get did you and Craig meet?...I had to think for a while to remember how it all started.

I met Craig for the first time about a year ago at a staff function. I actually won a large TV at this function and Craig came up to me after the win and said "Hey there little lady, if you need a hand with that TV I can help you take it to your car...lifting heavy things is what I do" According to Craig I looked at him like, Get away from me and stop trying to take my TV....haha! I did end up letting him Carry it to the

One day after the staff function I was up on the weight floor. I could tell Craig was watching me and I was getting a little ticked off...He made his way over to me after his client, He sat on a ball watching me work out. I stopped abruptly and said... What??...What Now Craig??...What am I doing wrong this time??...He said..."Little Lady...let me make you a programme"...I rudely answered...Why?..I only have so much time to work out, I have kids you know!! He smiled and said don't worry I'll get one together that will work for you.

I thought ooohh man I don't want to train with this kid...I bet he forgets all about the program and I'll be off the hook...I was wrong!...Craig whipped up a program for me was go time.

Day 1 of training with Craig arrived...I was so nervous I wanted to Barf...I had ZERO desire to do what I was about to do...I didn't know Craig that well at the time. I was 130lbs when we started together and I still I felt like the Fat Girl being watched by a was HORRIBLE!... We went through day 1 together. I was amazed at my lack of fitness ability...I could run... I had lost weight...but I was weak!!... I was totally embarrassed about it. After my first session with Craig I went into the staff bathroom and..I cried and cried...I felt so many things....mostly embarrassment...but also determination!!- I wasn't going to let this beat me!!

I had to finish up 2 more sessions with Craig and I felt sick about we worked through it together we got to know each other fairly well...I soon realised that Craig is Extremely Smart, Dedicated, Passionate, Funny and He Truly Enjoys what he does. I need details about what I'm doing...logic behind the exercise and Craig is a master Teacher. After doing his program for 3 weeks I dropped my body fat by was amazing!! **Personal Training makes all the difference**...I spoke about being accountable during weight loss. It's important to have someone to be accountable to...Craig has totally transformed me and taken my fitness to a new level ... I will be forever thankful for him :)

Craig and I continue to train together. My weight is now down to 115lbs and my body fat is at 13%. He continues to embarrass me with every new program....he believes in me at all times...he doesn't let me make any excuses... he is the perfect Trainer for Me. Having a Pro Strong man as your Trainer is pretty cool. I brag about him at any opportunity :).. I refer clients to him with confidence. Great things are deservedly happening for Craig. The best Trainer can Train themselves and Craig Trains himself as hard as he does his clients. I couldn't be prouder to be his friend and to have the privilege to train with him.

I truly believe things and people enter your life for a reason...I know I was meant to meet Sandra Compton and Jimmy Mentis...I was meant to work at World Gym and I was meant to meet Craig...these people and decisions have changed my life in soooo many positive ways.

The point of this Blog is...Don't be afraid to Leap, Take opportunity's as they present themselves, Fear nothing...great things can happen :)

Thanks :)


"If you always do what you've always will always get what you always got"

Monday, 9 January 2012

How it all Began....

Well I guess it's time to get ME on paper...Sandra Compton and Jimmy Mentis have asked me to start a Blog. It's been on my mind for a while, but I really have no idea what to say...and I'm not all that sure I have anything super interesting to say...or that anyone will really care.

When Sam approached me to do this I said where do I start??...this has been such a long journey and the start seems so long Sam fashion she said..."The start is where you start...go back and think about how you got to where you are".

The started years started with diet after diet that started when I heard over and over it's a good thing you have a pretty started when I got beat up in grade 6 for being I's been a LONG journey!

For years I felt like I didn't belong in the body I had...I would spend endless amount of time looking in the mirror moving fat around trying to see the body I wanted to have.

In 2008 After I had my 2nd child Eric I hit an all time high of about 200lbs...sitting at 5"2 it was far from and Ideal weight for I mentioned I had tried diet after diet and nothing really worked. My Friend Leanne started Weight Watchers and was doing amazing. I also started on Facebook and reconnected with my good friend Sandra Compton...she was prepping for a fitness competition and I was amazed at her transformation...she looked like the person I wanted to be!!...We started to talk on FB...she encouraged me and I set a date...a start date with Weight Watchers..I said after my Birthday I am going to start.

I didn't want to jump right into weight watchers...I set a date a month out. I wanted to spend some time thinking about what I was about to I was going to be success full...and how my life was about to change...I guess I needed to pump myself up...and go in ready.

With the help of Leanne and Sandra I started Weight Watchers when I said I was going to...the first day or two was hard...I called Leanne 4-5 times a day...almost in tears at times and she encouraged me the entire time...Sandra was constant with her check ins on Facebook and wanted updates on my status.

The first week on Weight Watchers I lost 3.5lbs...I called Leanne from the parking lot I was sooo excited...I was full on after that. I bought a scale...I enjoyed cooking...and I felt like I could do anything!!...Every week I sent and email to my core group...a group that was encouraging, supportive and dear to my heart. Every week I let them know how I did...what my loss was...and how I was feeling... I needed to be accountable!

Week after week I lost never stopped!! I started at a Gym not to far into my weight loss...I would do cardio 2 times a week and became more and more interested in fitness and how it could help me with my journey.

Part way through my Weight Watchers journey I went to the cottage for the week...I was totally prepared with my food...but I had NO gym!!...what was I going to do???...Determined NOT to throw my week I thought...OK...I can run!!...NEVER running a day in my life I said...every other day for the week, run down the road to the BIG hill and stopping!...I think back and It was only about was soooo hard! I mean DYING hard...but I did it!...and you know what...I LOVED it!...and to top it off...I lost 4lbs ON VACATION!!...Running was my NEW Best Friend!!

When I got home I told my runner sisters about what I had done....they were amazed and so proud of me...Christa and Rhonda both encouraged me to do a 5k...I guys are on Drugs!!...but after some talking and goal setting...Leanne, Christa, Rhonda and I set out to do our first 5k run.

The run day came and I felt like I was going to barf...I was sooo nervous. I finished in great time with Leanne by my was the best was an "ahh haa" moment for me.

We then decided to do a 10k....and then I decided I wanted to run a HALF MARATHON...the idea seemed ridiculous!!...but I wanted to do it....I HAD to do it!

During my training I was talking with Sandra...I was having a hard time getting past my 16k marker...she started  to talk to me about Beauty I gave it a try!...I fell in LOVE! took 10mins off my 16k time...and helped me get up to 18k and 20k with ease...It made me feel amazing and sooo strong!!

October came and it was time for my half marathon...with my supportive husband by my side we made it to the start line...I had a goal of 2:15 to finish the 22.5k...and I DID IT!! the exact time I set out to do...being alone with my thoughts for 2hrs was sooo hard...but I know I am mentally stronger now than I ever was because of that run.

With the help of Weight Watchers...Beauty fit...and amazing friends and family I have lost over 80lbs...weight watchers and running helped me loose 65 of those pounds...My amazing New Friend and Trainer Craig Bongelli helped me transform into the person I am today...I will talk about World Gym and Craig Bongelli in my next blog...
The REAL ME 115lbs
The old me @ 200lbs