Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What a WILD 11 weeks....Wowzers!!

11 Wild Weeks Filled with...
 Fear, Doubt, Bullies, Demons, Humblers, Lessons, Growth, Forgiveness
Crazy Journey I'm glad I had!

Well I'm done!...LOL. It's been one heck of a Journey...Truly it has! This was so much more than just a contest for me. I always look for ways to make bad situations good, it helps me recover,...This contest came along at the right time and helped me work through a number of things.

The last few weeks I've been very reflective, it was getting close to the end and I had to think back and remember all the reasons I started this. Its a fault of mine to dwell on things, Self punishment I call it. I do it to hopefully prevent further wrongs, but I realise it actually just causes the problem to never leave me. I feel hard and I hurt hard if that makes sense....when I'm up and way up...and the same goes with my downs. 

After looking back I recognize the lessons and growth. That really means the most. 

I understand I can stop being afraid. I don't need to be scared anymore of going back to a person I no long am. I've changed my lifestyle so I don't need to fear my old one anymore. That means I don't have to fear food. Alyssa showed me that I can EAT...I can eat a ton of food because I train hard. I've said it before, I'm going to say it again and I will continue to say it. Lifting weights, building muscle is the key...the KEY to sustainable weight loss and overall health!! Even if your diet fluctuates a little, you can count on your energy burning muscles to help you! 

Alyssa kept me on a 1700 calorie diet for almost the entire 11 weeks. I had Carbs in my shake the night before the photos! There was no exception to the post work out carb...if I trained, I had to have a carb:)

Something I shared with Alyssa today was that I see how I've changed. If for some reason I didn't have a meal ready for the gym...I...Sheryl...would stop at Tim Hortons and get.... A BAGEL!!...yep, mid competition I would eat a bagel. Why...because it was soooo important to me to try as hard as I could to see gains in 11 weeks, I didn't risk not feeding my muscles what they needed!!....YAY ME!! I'm proud of that!

Another amazing thing is that I no longer care what the scale says... just typing that makes me tear up!. I truly don't give a shit!!. I started this challenge at a Soft 120lbs...And ended a lean, strong 116!! I can say strong because I have gained some precious muscle!! Craig made me hard programs!! At the start I really thought he was just being a bit o fa jerk with that much of a work load (sorry Craig). One thing about Craig is that he only asks you to do things he knows you can do. You may suck at them at the start, but he knows you can hit what he asks... My work outs were heavy and long but they provided the growth I needed. I hit personal best squatting through this ENTIRE prep!...my best squats to date 145lbs 5 sets 5 reps...I was 118lb when I did that!! I know I had growth and strength gains in my upper body and I'm excited to keep that going!

Lastly I understand I'm a pretty strong person! I've dealt with my own self doubt, un warranted attacks, old demons and finished strong. I kept going because I needed this...I needed to learn the lessons, grow as a person and move on. I fought off voices telling me to take control back....It will help me learn to let go. I accept people will love you, and they will hate you....and that's just life!! I understand you need to accept the entire picture in order to change it....so keep it real!

On That REAL Note...here are my pictures from today! -:) 

When you look at the before pictures remember that in NO way do I think I'm FAT!!. The way I felt, my lack of athletic ability is what upset me to tears. 

The lighting isn't my Favourite, takes my definition away a little...The stock room at Popeye's...LOL!!

I'm VERY proud that I only lost 4lbs! I have the best shoulders and back I've ever had. My Abs were solid and my lower V popped out!! My Legs...what can I say...I get emotional about them...they have come so far!! 

I am happy with that we did in 11 weeks...I had a great team helping, explaining and teaching me more than I ever expected. I'm beyond thankful for Alyssa's amazing diet and nutritional skills, and I still and forever will say Craig is the best trainer on the planet!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me... :)

Two Fun ones...Because I'm all about FUN!!!

Juan and I  We work and Train together

My Mini...Mini Alyssa pose...haha!!

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