Monday, 9 January 2012

How it all Began....

Well I guess it's time to get ME on paper...Sandra Compton and Jimmy Mentis have asked me to start a Blog. It's been on my mind for a while, but I really have no idea what to say...and I'm not all that sure I have anything super interesting to say...or that anyone will really care.

When Sam approached me to do this I said where do I start??...this has been such a long journey and the start seems so long Sam fashion she said..."The start is where you start...go back and think about how you got to where you are".

The started years started with diet after diet that started when I heard over and over it's a good thing you have a pretty started when I got beat up in grade 6 for being I's been a LONG journey!

For years I felt like I didn't belong in the body I had...I would spend endless amount of time looking in the mirror moving fat around trying to see the body I wanted to have.

In 2008 After I had my 2nd child Eric I hit an all time high of about 200lbs...sitting at 5"2 it was far from and Ideal weight for I mentioned I had tried diet after diet and nothing really worked. My Friend Leanne started Weight Watchers and was doing amazing. I also started on Facebook and reconnected with my good friend Sandra Compton...she was prepping for a fitness competition and I was amazed at her transformation...she looked like the person I wanted to be!!...We started to talk on FB...she encouraged me and I set a date...a start date with Weight Watchers..I said after my Birthday I am going to start.

I didn't want to jump right into weight watchers...I set a date a month out. I wanted to spend some time thinking about what I was about to I was going to be success full...and how my life was about to change...I guess I needed to pump myself up...and go in ready.

With the help of Leanne and Sandra I started Weight Watchers when I said I was going to...the first day or two was hard...I called Leanne 4-5 times a day...almost in tears at times and she encouraged me the entire time...Sandra was constant with her check ins on Facebook and wanted updates on my status.

The first week on Weight Watchers I lost 3.5lbs...I called Leanne from the parking lot I was sooo excited...I was full on after that. I bought a scale...I enjoyed cooking...and I felt like I could do anything!!...Every week I sent and email to my core group...a group that was encouraging, supportive and dear to my heart. Every week I let them know how I did...what my loss was...and how I was feeling... I needed to be accountable!

Week after week I lost never stopped!! I started at a Gym not to far into my weight loss...I would do cardio 2 times a week and became more and more interested in fitness and how it could help me with my journey.

Part way through my Weight Watchers journey I went to the cottage for the week...I was totally prepared with my food...but I had NO gym!!...what was I going to do???...Determined NOT to throw my week I thought...OK...I can run!!...NEVER running a day in my life I said...every other day for the week, run down the road to the BIG hill and stopping!...I think back and It was only about was soooo hard! I mean DYING hard...but I did it!...and you know what...I LOVED it!...and to top it off...I lost 4lbs ON VACATION!!...Running was my NEW Best Friend!!

When I got home I told my runner sisters about what I had done....they were amazed and so proud of me...Christa and Rhonda both encouraged me to do a 5k...I guys are on Drugs!!...but after some talking and goal setting...Leanne, Christa, Rhonda and I set out to do our first 5k run.

The run day came and I felt like I was going to barf...I was sooo nervous. I finished in great time with Leanne by my was the best was an "ahh haa" moment for me.

We then decided to do a 10k....and then I decided I wanted to run a HALF MARATHON...the idea seemed ridiculous!!...but I wanted to do it....I HAD to do it!

During my training I was talking with Sandra...I was having a hard time getting past my 16k marker...she started  to talk to me about Beauty I gave it a try!...I fell in LOVE! took 10mins off my 16k time...and helped me get up to 18k and 20k with ease...It made me feel amazing and sooo strong!!

October came and it was time for my half marathon...with my supportive husband by my side we made it to the start line...I had a goal of 2:15 to finish the 22.5k...and I DID IT!! the exact time I set out to do...being alone with my thoughts for 2hrs was sooo hard...but I know I am mentally stronger now than I ever was because of that run.

With the help of Weight Watchers...Beauty fit...and amazing friends and family I have lost over 80lbs...weight watchers and running helped me loose 65 of those pounds...My amazing New Friend and Trainer Craig Bongelli helped me transform into the person I am today...I will talk about World Gym and Craig Bongelli in my next blog...
The REAL ME 115lbs
The old me @ 200lbs


  1. I've heard bits and pieces of your story through our few convos while at work. You are such an inspiration... and the greatest part of your story is to hear about the struggle and the WORK that you put into it. A reminder to us all, that you dont get healthy and strong by not moving! You worked your butt off.. and it shows! You are amazing... keep rockin' on! Your my stairmill guru ;) Looking forward to your next post!

  2. You are Absolutely Amazing Sheryl!!
    This blog is going to be great! So far you have come a very long way to the Beautiful Woman you are today!

    Keep going Strong! & I will see you in the Gym ;)


  3. Thanks guys!!...with soooo much can I fail!! :)

  4. That was quite the read Sheryl! Congrats on your successful journey although I know it's not over yet. ;)

    You are a true inspiration for many people especially women. You prove that courage can be found and wishes for health and fitness and happiness are within one's grasp.

    So proud to know you and so grateful for your motivational smile that I see every day I walk into the gym. Thanks! xoxo

    Kari Blake-Kirkorian

  5. Wow thannk you Kari...that is soo super sweet of you...and NO it's not over...Craig keeps pushing...I love it!