Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"Anchors"...Little things that keep you focused!!

I thought it would be a good idea to blog about what I like to call "Anchors".

Since my last blog I have been really trying to stay focused...eat clean...work out hard...and go for that summertime body ;)...I'll be honest... It's hard!

Nothing about training 5 days a week and eating clean is easy...but for me it's a lifestyle choice. I take the good with the bad. I feel good when I live this way...so even though at times it's hard...its very worth it.

In order to keep myself on track when I was loosing the majority of my weight I often used things I called Anchors.

If I was going to a party or an event I would use Anchors. ...What's an Anchor you ask?..lol. Well its something to keep me focused...to help me resist temptation. What I often used were coloured stones or beads in my pocket. I would put one for every 10lbs I had lost into my pocket to remind me how far I had come. Also...stones in your pocket do 2 things...they are uncomfortable at times...and they kinda screw up your outfit...the same things that happen when your overweight and out of shape. ;)... So it was a good reminder for me to not have that extra drink...or that cake, or another temptation that was looking me in the face.

Currently I am painting my pinkie finger nails black. I use black because when I was getting ready for the Around the Bay Race with my Friend Leanne, she suggested that we paint out nails black and be "Hard Core"...I loved the idea!...We were totally hard core..LOL. Anytime I wanted to give up during that run I looked at my nails and thought...NO WAY...you have black nail polish on...you are Hard Core...keep going! The tradition stuck and I've had black nails for every race after that.

My black pinkie nail that everyone keeps asking me about it my Anchor...it's there to remind me ...I'm Focused...Bad Ass, Hard Core...I'm an After!! ..Summer time Ice Cream has nothing on me...WHY?...Because I have black nail polish on. ;)

Get creative...find an Anchor...it's a good way to stay focused...and a great way to share your love of fitness with everyone that asks..."Hey...what is that one black nail for?"

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