Sunday, 19 August 2012

8 Weeks to Vegas...Game On!!

So I'm a huge fan of setting little goals and challenging myself now and again. Sometimes it's with running, other times it's a new max with weights and this time it was about diet!!

My husband and I booked a group trip to Vegas. When we booked it was 9 weeks until we left. After the first week I thought, I could do a good 8 week diet until Vegas and see what happens!!...CHALLENGE!! I wanted to see what 8 weeks of really clean eating, discipline and training could do to my physique.

When I started I was sitting at 115lbs and about 14% body fat according to the Tanita scale at the gym. I wasn't unhappy with how I looked pre diet, again I like to set little goals for myself because it reminds me that I'm in total control of my body. After being so out of control or so many years, it's awesome to know that I run this body now!!

For me a true measure of my fitness and nutrition is my abs...I admire abs so much on women because they are really hard to get!. Abs are totally made in the kitchen, you can't eat shit and have abs!! Clean eating...loads of water ...eating many times a day, and treating your diet like a full time job is how you get abs.

In order to have a good 8 week diet I decided to just eat really clean, prep all my meals...aim for 3 solid meals per day, with 2 snacks. I also upped my protein by 60g per day in order to hold onto more muscle. I limited my carbs after lunch and kept up with my regular lifting schedule. I also drank about 5-6L of water per day. Nutrition is a full time job!!...TRUTH!!

I found the diet to be ok to manage, my biggest issue with my diet day to day is remembering to eat. With this challenge it was really important for me to not loose any of the gains I had made over the last few months.  In order to hold on to gains you need to eat more regimented. I think I managed to do that well this time.

So in the end I managed to loose 5lbs and 5% body fat in 8 weeks...Whoop Whoop!...It was awesome to get those results...I felt like a million bucks in Vegas, I earned all the crap I ate and

Setting little goals for yourself is so rewarding!!-I encourage everyone to think of little goals you can set to remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I wonder what my next Challenge will be?!?...SOOO exciting!

Abs before the diet.
After 8 week Diet.

 I felt THIS amazing in Vegas ;)

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