Sunday, 7 October 2012

4 week off Training?...EEEK!

Another Challenge...

I've spoken before about the good the bad and the ugly of weight loss to many people. The good is the obvious, the bad is you often go through an "ugly ducking" stage before things get better. The ugly is the stuff you can't out train, or out's the loose skin. I was very very lucky that I held my weight fairly evenly, I had huge boobs, and I had a huge "Thass"...I call my Thass the area on the side of your thigh that can't decide what it wants to it just hangs off the side...not a Thigh...not an Ass....thus it is a "Thass". I can train off my thass and fill the loose skin that it leaves behind...but unfortunately I can't build enough chest muscles to fill out my boobs.

I recently made the decision to have some plastic surgery done, I wanted to fix my ugly. I like curves, when was bigger I had curves...I now felt very pear shaped and I wasn't a super fan. I felt less feminine, and I enjoy being a girly girl!!
This decision forced me to take four weeks off from the anything!..Yes, I did almost go crazy!

The thought of being off for 4 weeks scared the crap out of me. I was really concerned about how I was going to manage. I worried about my recovery, my health, my weight. I really stressed about starting again, how weak would I be?? much muscle would I loose in 4 weeks?...My brain was spinning!!

I decided to tackle this like I would any other challenge or obstacle.... PLAN...I stand by this of my most favourite!
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

I knew my battle would be with my diet. I always enjoy a pretty clean diet, but I knew going from active to recovery mode required a few tweaks in my diet. I had a big cook off with my friend Lori and prepared with pre made healthy food. I felt good knowing I had plenty of pre cooked meals ready for me and no excuses not to eat them.

With my diet in place I had to make sure I was held accountable to start back again.  I approached Craig and asked him if he would help me with training when I was recovered. I knew he would hold me accountable and keep me from getting injured.

So that was my and accountability. Personally I had to think of this month off as a a game. I believe it's as important to train your mental strength as it is to train your physical strength.

I'm happy to report that planning worked!...I came out of my month off from training 2lbs lighter than when I went into it. I just started back at True North Barbell :)... I'm testing things out with Craig's assistance. I'm totally confident that I'll be back to where I was in little time....Yippee!!

I'm super excited to see what Craig and I can create this time around!

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