Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hitting little goals makes you closer to your larger goals!!

I woke up this morning to the most flattering facebook inbox ever! inspired me to get back on the blog train. I'm not a natural blogger so I avoid doing this like the plague. When I get feedback and messages that my blogs actually effect people, it motivates me to get on thank you to that special someone for my awesome morning message :)

The message this morning was from a friend that was finding it hard to get out of bed and do her work out before work. She said I popped into her head and she got up and went. That put a HUGE smile on my face!!...I was so honoured and a little sheepish about being someones morning motivation.

I've blogged before about Anchors...My black pinkies that keep me on track...they remind me that I have hit goals, and I need to keep moving my A$$ to hit new goals.

I love setting little goals for myself and I encourage you to do the same! It's hard to conquer large goals and stay focused on them... constantly thinking, man I need to loose 50lbs!...or how will I ever run 30km. Instead of looking at the big picture focus on little goals....that will aid you in hitting your main large goal. :)

For example, Pick an up coming event in your life. Like a Christmas party, Wedding, Family vacation, Girls night. It doesn't have to be an enormous event...just something to tie a small goal to and to help keep you focused and moving towards your BIG goal!

We all have events at this time of year. I also believe in the "Earn it before you eat it rule". Setting goals before events will help you to feel amazing at the event, and allow you to indulge a little more at the event as well.

In order to help you hit small goals I suggest another type of Anchor. I see so many body building athletes do this and it can and should be used by everyone!!

My black pinkies help me every day to remind me of where I have come from and what my main goals are. If you have a short term goal I encourage you to try this. Put the days left until your goal is due on your hand in marker. It will remind you that you only have that many days to hit your goal. This is a constant reminder that you have promised yourself something and a small goal will be hit.

So for example, if there is 10 days until your work Christmas party, start by putting a 10 on your hand today...tomorrow it's a 9...etc. This will help keep you focused on the current goal, and aid you in hitting all your goals!

I hope to see lots of #'s on peoples hands...and lots of people rocking out little goals!!

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