Thursday, 15 August 2013

What have I been up to??...New Goals...New Diet...New Start :)

"It's not about what you've done, it's about what you're doing"

Well it's been a long long time since I blogged...I have never been very good at this. I have some things that need to be shared...this is a VERY honest blog. I hope you get something from it.

Anyone that knows me knows my story. My weight loss and my new love of training and all things fitness. I love to train...lift heavy and see changes in my physique. But sometimes...more than sometimes I stumble. 

I struggle with the scale. I've been fighting numbers on a scale for my entire life. 

I put my journey out in the public for accountability and to hopefully inspire  others to make good changes. Doing that has accomplished both of the above, but it also put a TON of pressure on me to stay looking super lean. I have been living very lean for a good year an a half, staying on what is like a contest prep diet...but the contest never the diet never ended. I apologize publicly for living a lie. I pretended to be healthy when I was really hurting myself with an ugly cycle....really a sickness. 

I started to see great lifting progress with Craig, about 5 months ago... he had me eating more and I was hitting all kinds of max's. The Max lifts felt great...but the scale started to look a little high....and I kinda freaked out-Huge! :(

I stopped eating the way Craig had asked me to eat...I started to see the scale go back down and I looked great!. He had put some muscle on my body and it really showed when I stopped eating to perform, and started eating next to nothing!... Extreme Diet is really all I knew...high protein, next to no carbs.

Finally this caught up to me, I was moody...distracted, lifting poorly. Craig would ask me what was up, why were my lifts were sucking and I would just blame lack of sleep, or the kids are keeping me busy. Craig is no fool and he could see me loosing more and more weight.

Soon Craig sat me down and made me tell him what I was eating...I felt sick as soon as the conversation started. After we calculated my daily intake of pretty much a breakfast shake...chicken and cucumbers it was clear to both of us I was hurting myself. Living on 700-800 Calories per day for about 2-3 months and training 6 day's a week was destroying my mind and body. I hit an all time low on the scale of 107lbs. That was NOT a healthy number!!

So after seeing the disappointment in his face, and knowing in my heart I needed to STOP this crazy cycle and dependence on the scale I thought long and hard about what I wanted, and I knew I wanted to change for real this time!

I was out shopping and an Usher song gave me My AAAAHAAA Moment. The lyrics were "It's not about what you've done, it's about what you're doing" That hit me like a TON of bricks!. I stopped dead in my tracks and thought.. Everyone knows you have lost weight, it's an old the question is...What are you doing NOW?...The answer was living in the past and not creating the Athlete I wanted to be, I wasn't living, or growing, I was regressing!!

So I swallowed my HUGE pride and asked for help! I'm not one to trust...Anyone...EVER! To trust someone with my Diet is a HUGE leap of Faith...and I mean HUGE! 

Everyone knows who Craig is...but not to many know who Alyssa is. She is a great Friend to me and happens to be Craig's girlfriend and someone I look up to as a strong, beautiful woman. Alyssa has a degree in kinesiology, She has numerous nutrition courses under her belt and she has struggled with her diet and growth for years! She understand the battles of weight loss and gains. 

Alyssa sat down with me and asked if she could be the one to help me...I got a little nervous at the idea of letting her take over my diet. I have control issues and giving her control was VERY hard...but it really was the BEST BEST thing I've done for ME in a LONG time!! :)

Alyssa gave me what seemed to be a mountain of paperwork to fill out...this information was going to allow her to analyse my entire system. When she met with me to discuss her findings, I knew right then and there that this new Journey with her was going to Kick ASS!! I finally felt I had a livable solution!

Alyssa noticed that a few of my systems were lagging, She was able to give me food lists and suggestions to boost those systems and help me get my body working again. She then suggested I try something called "If it fits your Macro's" ...she explained it was like weight watchers points but a much more in depth version. My ears perked up...WW points?!...I rocked that system!!...I got more excited than ever!!

Alyssa calculated my exact maco needs for lean growth...she set me up with My fitness Pal for easy tracking...YES tracking!!...I do love to track!! :) It was all to good to be true.

I've been working with Alyssa and on IIFYM for 2-3 weeks, Alyssa has access to my account and she monitors my eating, makes suggestions and texts me to eat if she notices I've been lagging!. I have to say in Caps...I FEEL AMAZING! I have muscles are Full and look GREAT, I can concentrate and my mood swings have stopped. I feel like a person again!! 

I Do :)

What Alyssa has done is give me confidence in food again!, she has allowed me to grow but kept me lean, a healthy level of lean!!...I honestly haven't felt this good in a very very long time! I'm starting to grow and the scale isn't an issue for me anymore because I TRUST THE PROCESS! ***HOORAY!!!**

Alyssa, Craig and I are about to start a great journey together, I feel totally blessed to have them in my life!.**Stay TUNED for all the exciting things we are going to be cooking up :)**

If YOU are looking for something NEW, something livable, something CUSTOM designed for just you, A PERSONAL Diet Coach!... I encourage you to contact Alyssa. She truly is a life saver!!...She knows her stuff, she understands the struggle and she has all the tools to help you hit goals and stay healthy!!

I hope this blog was helpful to someone, I hope you can appreciate the good and the bad of weight loss...The constant struggle with the drug called FOOD. I've been struggling for far to long...scared for far to long. 
I'm excited for the choices I've made!!

For more information on how to start an AMAZING journey of your Alyssa Coppolino at OR connect with her on Facebook :)  

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